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Parking: Feel free to use the guest parking located by the front door

Enter: The best door to enter is door #1

Cafe: When you enter you'll see our cafe. Grab a free cup of coffee and refreshments.

Kids check-in: If you plan to use any of our kids programming please check your kids in at the kiosk adjacent to the cafe.

How long are the services: The gospel service is 1 hour long. The modern service is 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

Dress code: Most people dress a little more formal in the gospel service and a little more causal in the modern service.

Kids services: During the gospel service we offer nurseries for 3 and under and all other children attend the worship service. During the modern service nurseries are provided and all other kids attend the music portion of the service then are dismissed for their own lesson time with our children's leaders